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Jettison jet lag with

Goodbye jet lag. Hello world.

Imagine arriving fresh at your destination, regardless of the time zone. Now you can with Stop Jet Lag.

Stop Jet Lag offers an easy-to-follow, individualized plan for your specific itinerary. The plan is based on a natural approach to safely and effectively resetting your body clock by correctly timing your intake of food, drink, sleep, bright light and optional melatonin supplements. There's no guesswork. And mobile alerts make it even easier.

Stop Jet Lag is:

  • Natural, proven and scientifically based
  • An easy to follow, personalized plan
  • Safe and effective

Thousands of travelers have successfully eliminated jet lag. You will too or we'll refund your money. No questions asked.

Travel+Leisure / CNN Travel: 100 Ways to Travel Better - Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with Stop Jet Lag
Courtesy of Travel+Leisure & CNN Travel

Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with Stop Jet Lag

Learn more about jet lag. Request "The Art and Science of Jet Lag" series   
Learn more about jet lag. Request
"The Art and Science of Jet Lag" series

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Learn how to

Consistently Beat Jet Lag

with the

"The Art and Science of Jet Lag" series

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