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Travel+Leisure / CNN Travel: 100 Ways to Travel Better - Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with StopJetLag

Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with StopJetLag

To Avoid Jet Lag, Travel Like a Scientist

A Wall Street Journal article (1) concluded that using science helps you avoid jet lag.

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 Your custom trip analysis by a jet lag travel specialist

The challenge is knowing the optimal time to start functioning on your destination time based on your specific flights and your sleep patterns.

Your StopJetLag travel specialist analyzes your trip and prepares for you the optimal timing for all the scientifically proven major jet lag influences shown below.

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Katie Couric and Sarah Spagnolo (Travel+Leisure) discuss the major jet influences addressed by StopJetLag

Courtesy of Katie - katie's Travel Toolkit

" will actually create a custom plan just for you.

They'll take into account your exact itinerary and recommend things like

  • when you should be waking up,
  • when you should be going to sleep,
  • what you should be eating, drinking,
  • when you should be opening your windows,
  • when you should be exposing yourself to sunlight,
  • when you should eat."

"All of these things really do make a difference. So this is a big issue and something that StopJetLag is a great resource for."

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel+Leisure
Learn How We Help You Consistently Beat Jet Lag with the "The Art and Science of Jet Lag" series   
Learn How We Help You Consistently Beat Jet Lag with the
"The Art and Science of Jet Lag" series

StopJetLag Trip Analysis

Adjust quickly in any time zone
with any flight schedule

We created StopJetLag to give jet lag travel specialists the ability to analyze your trip, regardless of difficult flight times or complex multi-stop itineraries.

The Challenge
  • Enable the analysis of any combination of flights, not just direct flights with ideal flight times
  • Minimize sleep deprivation
  • Determine realistically when to transition to destination time
  • Prioritize conflicting jet lag influences
The Solution
  • StopJetLag evaluates available sleep patterns
  • Review by a jet lag travel specialist
  • Custom scientific jet lag advice
  • Personal trip notes from your specialist

Other programs in the marketplace that over simplify flight assumptions and can't handle complicated itineraries offer information that is less accurate, or can be detrimental to minimizing jet lag. Our experience over the years has shown that over 30% of all trips can actually cause passengers to reset their body clock in the wrong direction when all of a traveler's flights are not used.

"Zero jet lag in Argentina; even with the complex flight schedule!"

David Pollack, Hong Kong

Dr. Charles Ehret explains
"Why I became involved with StopJetLag"

"Dealing with jet lag is a complex problem. I tried for many years to come up with rules of thumb for dealing with jet lag by incorporating each and every one of the scientifically proven body clock re-setters (zeitgebers) and finally realized that every trip needs to be individually analyzed for sleep deprivation (an impossible task given the unlimited number of possible flight itineraries). That's when StopJetLag founder, Bill Ashton, and I needed to write an sophisticated computer program to make such knowledge available to all travelers,"

commented well-respected sleep expert, Dr.Charles Ehret.

"The program is able to identify and then select the optimum times during the schedule when 'core sleep' may be possible and then keys the rest of the prescribed routine to that optimum sleep schedule."

"The recommendations can even be fine-tuned to prepare travelers for a specific meeting scheduled during their trip! StopJetLag represents an extraordinary achievement in applied research."

(1) "To Avoid Jet Lag This Summer, Travel Like a Scientist" -, By Amy Dockser Marcus

Get the StopJetLag Advantage
 Your custom trip analysis by a jet lag travel specialist

Request your custom StopJetLag Plan

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