Stop Jet Lag on Your Next Trip

Stop Jet Lag - TripIt Ordering Integration

Follow the steps below to retrieve your TripIt itineraries and add your flights to your Stop Jet Lag plan request.

Travelers with TripIt itineraries

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Retrieve my flights from TripIt
Your Stop Jet Lag Plan order information is private and secure.

TripIt Authentication

Authorize access to your flights stored in TripIt here.

TripIt Authentication Confirmed

After successfully authorizing access to TripIt you will receive this message.

Select and Retrieve Trip from TripIt

You can select one of your upcoming trips stored in TripIt here and then retrieve the flight for that trip.

Confirm Flight Information

After confirming the trip that you retrieved here, you can continue to give Stop Jet Lag your personal profile information.

Fill in Personal Profile

Stop Jet Lag uses your personal profile information and your flights to create for your custom jet lag advice.

Complete StopJet Lag Order

Complete your Stop Jet Lag order and delivery requests here.