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You Too Can Quickly Sync Up To Any Time Zone

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Yes, I do not want jet lag on my upcoming trip.

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Make your next trip more enjoyable and productive without wasting your valuable time experiencing jet lag.

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"The Art and Science of Jet Lag" series

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Watch Patti Clark talk about her StopJetLag success

New Zealand to San Francisco for her 'This Way Up' book tour

"I really recommend StopJetLag!"

"It's a great program and really works!

I've travelled a lot and I've never experienced a lack of jet lag like this.

So if you or someone you know is planning a trip, a longer trip across time zones soon, do go to You'll be glad you did."

Patti Clark, Auckland, New Zealand

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Sanity-saving preflight checklist

Whatever your final destination may be, here's what you can do before you board the plane to make that trip more seamless.

"SYNC UP WITH THE TIME ZONE. Jettison jet lag by following the personalized schedule for your itinerary at You'll get an hour-by-hour plan that includes when to eat, rest, exercise, and get sun exposure so you'll be right in step with your destination's local time."

"StopJetLag works!"

Rosie and Ladd Jones in Abu Dhabi

"StopJetLag works!

and has given us many extra days of wide-awake travel... by enabling us to immediately adjust to new time zones all around the world on many trips from Atlanta to Abu Dhabi... to Australia... to Africa... to Russia... and beyond.

Our StopJetLag advice is the first investment we make in our trip after booking our flights."

Rosie and Ladd Jones, Atlanta, GA

Yes, I do not want jet lag on my upcoming trip.

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Learn How We Help You

Consistently Beat Jet Lag

with the

"The Art and Science of Jet Lag" series

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