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"I cannot recommend it enough.

It's a great program and really works!"

"I've travelled a lot and I've never experienced a lack of jet lag like this."

Patti Clark

‘This Way Up’ book tour from New Zealand to San Francisco

"Finally, an All-Natural Solution to Jet Lag That Actually Works"

Linda Wells - New York Magazine: The CUT

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"This All-Natural Cure for Jet Lag May Be the Best Thing Ever"

Travel+Leisure: Travel Tip

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"There's a great service called"

Katie Couric Show / Travel+Leisure: How To Avoid Travel Mistakes with StopJetLag
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on the

Katie Couric Show

"How To Avoid Travel Mistakes"
with Sarah Spagnolo (Travel+Leisure) and Katie Couric

REAL SIMPLE: Jettison jet lag with
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Jettison jet lag with

Travel+Leisure / CNN Travel: 100 Ways to Travel Better - Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with StopJetLag
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Air Travel Tip: Beat Jet Lag with StopJetLag


Photo of Carla Hellekson, MD, Sleep Researcher in Turkey

"The time zone transition was very smooth going both ways."

"Your plan for Steve and my 18 day Turkey trip leaving from Seattle in October was awesome. We used the StopJetLag App, on my mobile phone, which was so convenient. The time zone transition was very smooth going both ways. I continue to highly recommend StopJetLag to my patients, colleagues and friends, Thanks!"

Carla Hellekson, MD, Sleep Researcher (

  • Sleep Research Fellowship at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center
  • Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Charter member of the Society for Light Therapy and Biological Rhythms

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ABC News - Travel

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"Jet Lag Can Be Avoided Naturally"

"Bill Ashton, founder of the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company StopJetLag, developed software that creates tailor-made plans for travelers, taking into consideration their flight times and destinations. StopJetLag provides a personal profile that suggests when to sleep, avoid or seek bright light and even what to eat."

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Photo of Rosie and Ladd Jones in Russia

"Add Russia to our list of places we've benefitted hugely from StopJetLag"

"In Russia, we immediately adjusted to local time... whereas many on our tour were sleeping and missed many of the sights. We were raring to go from the moment we landed. The program works great!!!" -- Rosie and Ladd Jones

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