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Why StopJetLag?

The StopJetLag Advantage - Trip analysis by a jet lag travel specialist

StopJetLag is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each plan considers your specific flight schedule and normal daily routines. The result is a completely customized, concise hour-by-hour schedule that helps you reset your body clock so you arrive at your destination on local time.

StopJetLag is based on scientifically shifting your body clock onto your new time zone by:

StopJetLag - The scientific and natural approach to a better trip.

StopJetLag - Why Connections Affect Your Jet Lag Advice.

StopJetLag on your mobile device

StopJetLag Mobile Devices

Mobile apps make using StopJetLag even more convenient. StopJetLag™ Mobile Apps available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and Windows® 10 (including Mobile).

  • Get automatic jet lag schedule reminders
  • Quickly view jet lag advice
  • Instantly access your StopJetLag recommendations

There are no roaming charges. Download the app and your StopJetLag advice prior to flight. Internet access is not necessary inflight or on your trip.

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