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Why are additional StopJetLag Plan trip notes included?

Your StopJetLag plan has been created and reviewed by a StopJetLag travel specialist.

The recommendations are based on the integration of your specific flight times, your personal profile and the times that scientific research has shown to be both safe and effective in helping you rapidly adjust to the time zone at your destination.

We feel that it is important that your StopJetLag recommendations should reflect the ideal timing for the major influences on your body clock. However, a few additional notes, such as the ones below, reflect some of the adjustments necessary to accommodate the specifics of your trip.

Regarding caffeine, the preferred time for drinking caffeinated beverages on the pre-travel days is listed. However if you can't do without morning caffeine, try to follow the caffeine recommendations closely on the day when you change your watch to the new destination time.

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Sample additional StopJetLag trip notes

Trip travel details

Denver to Amsterdam

(multi-day stay in Amsterdam, connection in Atlanta)

Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro

(direct flight Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro)

Kilimanjaro to Denver

(Overnight flight from Kilimanjaro to Amsterdam, then morning flight with a connection in Detroit)

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Denver to Amsterdam

On your flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam, go to sleep as soon as you can after you get on the plane in Atlanta. At 8:00pm Atlanta Time (6:00pm Denver time), it is already 2:00am in Amsterdam.

You can sleep in until shortly before your arrival on the Atlanta to Amsterdam flight especially if you did not get to sleep immediately when you boarded the flight in Atlanta.

Do not nap after you arrive in Amsterdam, but stay awake until after supper in Amsterdam. Early to Bed is ok.

Amsterdam to Kilimanjaro

This is only a one hour time shift. You can start eating on Tanzania time as soon as is convenient on your travel day.

Kilimanjaro to Denver

Sleep on the overnight flight from Kilimanjaro to Amsterdam on Kilamanjaro time. It is only a 1 hour time difference between these two locations.

On your trip from Amsterdam to Detroit you should rest/sleep at the beginning of the flight since it is nighttime (2:35am) in Denver.

This will help you stay awake during the remainder of your flights until you can sleep on Denver time again after your arrival in Denver.

Wait until you get home to take melatonin after you arrive in Denver.

And if you are tired enough to go sleep at your normal bedtime, you do not need to take melatonin at night in Denver.