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Why is StopJetLag so effective?

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Rosie and Ladd Jones in Abu Dhabi

"StopJetLag works!

and has given us many extra days of wide-awake travel... by enabling us to immediately adjust to new time zones all around the world on many trips from Atlanta to Abu Dhabi... to Australia... to Africa... to Russia... and beyond.

Our StopJetLag advice is the first investment we make in our trip after booking our flights."

Rosie and Ladd Jones, Atlanta, GA


How your StopJetLag Plan addresses jet lag

Your StopJetLag Plan Agenda is the key to when you should follow the scientifically based timing for the major influences on jet lag.

Get a point-form list of exactly what to do when you begin your trip to ease jet lag - with your customized StopJetLag Plan Agenda.

Your StopJetLag Trip Notes are written up by a jet lag travel expert when your Plan is created and reviewed.

They will help you understand the timing nuances that you can apply to your trip specific to your flight schedules and your typical living schedule.

You can also have these notes read to you in the StopJetLag app.

The major benefit of the StopJetLag Mobile apps is how they give you notifications about when to follow the all‐natural cues while you are busy immersed in your travels.

StopJetLag Mobile Devices

Mobile apps make using StopJetLag even more convenient. StopJetLag™ Mobile Apps available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™, and Windows® 10 (including Mobile).

  • Get automatic jet lag schedule reminders
  • Quickly view jet lag advice
  • Instantly access your StopJetLag recommendations

There are no roaming charges. Download the app and your StopJetLag advice prior to flight. Internet access is not necessary inflight or on your trip.

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The science behind your StopJetLag Plan

StopJetLag is consistently effective because it coordinates the specific timings of the major natural jet lag influences with the personal sleeping and eating habits of the traveler.

StopJetLag is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each plan considers your specific flight schedule and normal daily routines. The result is a completely customized, concise hour-by-hour schedule that helps you reset your body clock so you arrive at your destination on local time.

StopJetLag is based on scientifically shifting your body clock onto your new time zone by:

  • Adjusting sleep and meal times
  • Timing bright light exposure and exercise
  • Eating the right food, at the right time
  • Regulating caffeine intake
  • Using melatonin supplements (optional)

How does StopJetLag so effectively address jet lag?

Unlike other solutions, StopJetLag leverages and integrates personal profiles, flight schedules, and applied research in chronobiology, providing travelers with the most comprehensive and accurate means of beating jet lag, even for those with difficult flight times or complex multi-stop itineraries.

The team's specialized software allows StopJetLag to determine the best jet lag avoidance scenario for any flight schedule. The result is a customized StopJetLag plan that takes into account the particular details of each trip, as well as the traveler's personal habits.

This makes it possible to identify times during a travel itinerary when 'core sleep' may be possible and prescribe specifically timed activities to optimize that sleep schedule.