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Patti Clark
‘This Way Up’ book tour from New Zealand to San Francisco

Your StopJetLag Plan consists of three parts that address the specific jet lag causing issues on your trip.

Your StopJetLag Plan Agenda

Your StopJetLag Plan Agenda is the key to when you should follow the scientifically based timing for the major influences on jet lag.

You should read this before your trip and it is best to take a printed copy of your StopJetLag Plan with you on your trip.

StopJetLag Trip Calendar
Sample Stop Jet Lag plan

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Your StopJetLag Additional Trip Notes

Your StopJetLag Trip Notes are written up when your Plan is created and reviewed to help you understand the nuances that apply to your trip.

You can also have these notes read to you in the StopJetLag app.

StopJetLag Trip Notes
Sample Stop Jet Lag plan notes

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Your StopJetLag Mobile Notifications

The StopJetLag Mobile App can keep you notified about the best times for the major influences while you are traveling.

No internet is required after you initially retrieve your StopJetLag Plan info to receive these notifications.

StopJetLag Mobile App
Stop Jet Lag Mobile Devices

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