Stop Jet Lag on Your Next Trip

Sample Interview Questions

Sample Interview Discussion Topics

When can you change to Edinburgh time?

Why can't you reset your watch to Edinburgh time when you get on the plane in San Francisco?

When is the right time to take melatonin?

How long should you sleep in on the flight from Newark to Edinburgh?

Bill Ashton explains
"Why I realized the need for Stop Jet Lag"

"All of my challenging travel experiences convinced me to create a comprehensive Stop Jet Lag service to help other travelers on their long distance business trips now that proven scientific research can be used to beat jet lag."

Dr. Charles Ehret explains
"Why I became involved with Stop Jet Lag"

"The program is able to identify and then select the optimum times during the schedule when 'core sleep' may be possible and then keys the rest of the prescribed routine to that optimum sleep schedule."