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Watch how to take advantage of your StopJetLag Mobile app on Android

  • Using your StopJetLag Plan Agenda
  • Reading your StopJetLag Trip Notes
  • Setting your StopJetLag Plan Notifications
  • Retrieving your StopJetLag Plan

1: Getting Started with StopJetLag Mobile

Let's look at how you can use the StopJetLag mobile app to travel without jet lag on your next trip. You’ll do this with a personalized Stop Jet Lag Plan that was created and reviewed by the StopJetLag team for the specific flights you needed to book for your trip.

For this tutorial, we're going to show you how to retrieve your own personalized StopJetLag plan created for your trip.

When you first start the StopJetLag app. You can tap on the ’Retrieve Your StopJetLag Plan’ button to retrieve an example StopJetLag trip plan from our cloud storage.

StopJetLag Home

2: How to Retrieve your Stop Jet Lag Plan

Tap on the ’Retrieve Your StopJetLag Plan’ button to go to the Retrieve Plan screen.

Retrieve StopJetLag Plan

Here you can enter the plan number and email address that you used when you ordered your Stop Jet Lag Plan and received your order info. Then tap on ‘Download StopJetLag Plan’ button. Say yes to update your StopJetLag Plan recommendations. This will retrieve your plan from the StopJetLag cloud storage. You will then see a summary of the trip information including the first travel day, the first destination, the destination time zone and the time zone change you will experience.

StopJetLag Trip Summary

Once you download this avoiding jet lag information, you no longer need to access the Internet to utilize your StopJetLag info.

To go back to the ‘StopJetLag Trip Advice’ main navigation screen, tap the ‘’ button at the upper left corner of your screen and then tap ‘Your StopJetLag Trip Advice’.

(FYI: Based on how you navigated to the ‘Retrieve Plan’ screen, you will sometimes use the ‘’ button to return to the ‘StopJetLag Trip Advice’ navigation screen)

StopJetLag Main Menu

3: Accessing your Stop Jet Lag Plan Information

From the ‘StopJetLag Trip Advice’ screen you can navigate to any of your destinations on your trip by tapping the ‘Your Trip Info’ button. This will take you to the choices of your destinations and when you drill down you can access the various days on your trip by tapping on your destination of choice.

StopJetLag Destinations

Press on the first travel day and you will jump into that time frame of your StopJetLag Advice.

StopJetLag Destination Days

You can also access your current jet lag advice recommendations by pressing the ‘Current Recommendation’ button on the ‘StopJetLag Trip Advice’ main navigation screen. This will take you to all the activities that would influence jet lag on your trip surrounding the current time of day when you press that button.

StopJetLag Home

Plus pressing the watch face at the bottom of the screen will also refresh your current jet lag advice recommendations.

StopJetLag Current Advice

4: What's in your Stop Jet Lag Plan Agenda

StopJetLag Advice

On the StopJetLag agenda page you will see all the activities that affect jet lag on your trip. For the example, it's a trip from San Francisco to Edinburgh with a connection in New York. Due to the connection in New York you have to wait to get on the plane in New York to first change to Edinburgh time. In the case of going to sleep, you will see that it recommends going to sleep shortly after you get on the flight and then sleeping as late as 9:30 am Edinburgh time.

Current StopJetLag Advice

5: Your Stop Jet Lag Plan Trip Notes

The StopJetLag app also gives you fingertip access to your StopJetLag plan trip notes. Tap the ‘Your Trip Notes’ button and then choose the destination that you want to review your trip notes.

StopJetLag Trip Notes Destinations

The StopJetLag recommendations are based on the integration of your specific flight times, your personal profile and the times that scientific research has shown to be both safe and effective and help you rapidly adjust the time zone at your destination.

We feel it's important that your StopJetLag recommendations reflect the ideal timing for the major influence on your body clock. However, these additional trip notes will explain some easy and helpful adjustments that can be followed in order to accommodate the nuances of your specific flight schedules.

StopJetLag Trip Notes for Leg

6: Setting your Stop Jet Lag Plan Notifications

Let's look at how you can use the StopJetLag app to take advantage of timely jet lag advice notifications. Tap the ‘Refresh Notifications’ button on the main ‘StopJetLag Trip Advice’ page. You’ll notice you have now added a number of jet lag advice notifications for your trip. With the help of these notifications travel distractions will no longer stop you from knowing the timing and then using the important jet lag influences for an all-natural solution to jet lag.

StopJetLag Plan Notifications

StopJetLag Plan Notifications

Now you too can Stop Jet Lag on your next trip..!

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