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Dr. Charles Ehret

Dr. Charles Ehret - Argonne National Laboratory, Division of Biological and Medical Research 1948 to 1988 when he retired; Director of Circadian Rhythms and Neurobiological Chronobiology

"Dealing with jet lag is a complex problem. I tried for many years to come up with rules of thumb for dealing with jet lag by incorporating each and every one of the scientifically proven body clock re-setters (zeitgebers) and finally realized that every trip needs to be individually analyzed for sleep deprivation (an impossible task given the unlimited number of possible flight itineraries). That's when Stop Jet Lag founder, Bill Ashton, and I needed to write an sophisticated computer program to make such knowledge available to all travelers,"

commented well-respected sleep expert, Dr.Charles Ehret.

"The program is able to identify and then select the optimum times during the schedule when 'core sleep' may be possible and then keys the rest of the prescribed routine to that optimum sleep schedule."

"The recommendations can even be fine-tuned to prepare travelers for a specific meeting scheduled during their trip! Stop Jet Lag represents an extraordinary achievement in applied research."

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