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Katie Couric with Sarah Spagnolo (Travel+Leisure)

StopJetLag on the Katie Couric Show

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"How To Avoid Travel Mistakes

with Sarah Spagnolo (Special Correspondent, Travel + Leisure) and Katie Couric

Sarah and Katie discussing StopJetLag

"Another mistake that can cause vacation turbulence is jet lag. But you say there's an app for that."

Katie on katie's Travel Toolkit

"Yes, exactly.

There's a great service called

In fact, Travel+Leisure's Trip Doctor recently attacked this problem because jet lag can really make a difference when you land in a destination."

Sarah on katie's Travel Toolkit

"It can kill a couple of days if you're feeling really lousy."

Katie Couric Show / Travel+Leisure: How To Avoid Travel Mistakes with StopJetLag Courtesy of Katie - katie's Travel Toolkit     


" will actually create a custom plan just for you. And they'll send you a pdf.

They'll take into account your exact itinerary and recommend things like

  • when you should be waking up,
  • when you should be going to sleep,
  • what you should be eating, drinking,
  • when you should be opening your windows,
  • when you should be exposing yourself to sunlight,
  • when you should eat."
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"I'm glad you said sunlight."


"All of these things really do make a difference. So this is a big issue and something that StopJetLag is a great resource for."


"Isn't technology insane!"


"It's amazing!"


How to use Art and Science to Beat Jet Lag

Learn how to consistently beat jet lag by coordinating the major influences on jet lag with all your flights.

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You too can achieve consistent results with the StopJetLag Service

Stop guessing about the best timing for all the major jet lag influences on your trip.

No matter what flights you have booked, a StopJetLag team member will carefully look at your specific trip. And only after evaluating how your flights are best coordinated with these natural jet lag influences will your StopJetLag Plan be created, reviewed and sent to you.

Request your custom StopJetLag Plan

Delivery of your jet lag advice

Primary delivery: Your StopJetLag Plan delivered as a PDF email attachment.

In addition your StopJetLag Plan can also be delivered to these mobile devices:

StopJetLag Mobile

StopJetLag Mobile Devices

Mobile apps make using StopJetLag even more convenient.

  • Get automatic jet lag schedule reminders
  • Quickly view jet lag advice
  • Instantly access your StopJetLag recommendations

There are no roaming charges. Download the app and your StopJetLag advice prior to flight. Internet access is not necessary inflight or on your trip.

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