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One of the most important objectives of Stop Jet Lag is to help you avoid sleep deprivation which is often a result of jet lag and compounds the problem. The program determines the best transition schedule to ensure 'core sleep' periods during your trip. By following the recommendations for both rest and activity periods, you will find it much easier to sleep on an appropriate schedule upon arriving at your destination.

Reach for a blanket and pillow for the 'rest/sleep' phases noted in your Stop Jet Lag Plan. The blanket will help maintain body temperature as your metabolism slows down, and the pillow will help trigger your rest/sleep response.

To help 'wake to a new time zone' after a rest/sleep period, you need to stimulate circulation with exercise. Get out of your seat, take some deep breaths, stretch and move around as much as space permits. Wake-up mentally by doing something which requires concentration; converse, read, play a game.

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