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Prevent Jet Lag with Correct Lighting Levels

Both Exposure To and
Avoidance of Bright Light
Assists in Preventing Jet Lag

Recent research(1)(2) has emphasized the strong effect bright light can have on resetting your body clock to prevent jet lag when it is coordinated with your regular sleep patterns.

Your Stop Jet Lag instructions take advantage of lighting influences, making them part of its comprehensive approach to your beating jet lag. Your Plan notes appropriate periods for you to seek out 'Bright Light' (outdoor or indoor) as well as times for you to 'Avoid Bright Light'. Bright light is considered to be as close to outdoor daylight as possible; the brighter the better. If it is necessary for you to be outside during the 'Avoid Bright Light' periods, wear sunglasses.

It is best for you to follow the Bright Light exposure patterns for 2 days upon your arrival at your destination.

Continue reading to understand how the following influences on your body clock affect Jet Lag

(1) Eastman CI, Burgess HJ. How to travel the world without jet lag. Sleep Med Clin 2009;4:241–55.

(2) Czeisler, C. A., R. E. Kronauer, J. S. Allan, J. F. Duffy, M. E. Jewett, E. N. Brown, and J. M. Ronda. Bright light induction of strong (type 0) resetting of the human circadian pacemaker. Science 244:1328–1333, 1989.

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