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How To Determine the Optimal Time to Shift to Avoid Jet Lag

Sleep and jet lag   Flights and jet lag  Issues that StopJetLag analyzes for your trip

StopJetLag analyses and responds to all of these factors before formulating its Plan for you . Don't settle for anything less.

  • Is it already close to or past the time you would normally wake-up at your destination by the time you get on your flight or change planes?

    When your answer is yes, this indicates that you will not be able to sleep on your upcoming destination time during your flight.

  • Can you receive at least an uninterrupted stretch of destination time core sleep on your flight (for the average person this is 4-1/2 hours of sleep)?

    When your answer is yes and you are going east, this also indicates that you will not be able to get enough sleep on your destination time during your flight.

  • When and where are your connecting flights?

    Generally speaking a connection that entails changing planes will force you to stay awake and therefore it is not a possible time to sleep on either departure or destination time during the time between connections. Possible sleep times are therefore evaluated for other sections of your trip.

  • Do you have the option of changing to your destination's time schedule while still at your departure city, or do you have meetings scheduled that will require your being active with clients and unable to change to destination time any sooner than departure?

    For most trips (especially afternoon and evening flights) the answer to this question is that it is not possible (and/or desirable) to change to destination time before departure. Your StopJetLag Plan does allow this choice to be made.

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Connections are critical to the timing of your jet lag advice.

Here's Why Connections Affect Your Jet Lag Advice  
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Katie Couric and Sarah Spagnolo (Travel+Leisure) discuss the major jet influences addressed by StopJetLag

Courtesy of Katie - katie's Travel Toolkit

" will actually create a custom plan just for you.

They'll take into account your exact itinerary and recommend things like

  • when you should be waking up,
  • when you should be going to sleep,
  • what you should be eating, drinking,
  • when you should be opening your windows,
  • when you should be exposing yourself to sunlight,
  • when you should eat."

"All of these things really do make a difference. So this is a big issue and something that StopJetLag is a great resource for."

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel+Leisure

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